Thursday, December 20, 2007

Field Trip to Arizona Museum for Youth

Today we visited the Arizona Museum for Youth. The current exhibit was on books of all shapes and forms. There was an area set up to create your own book. The children enjoyed that, but most of their was spent in the Artville section for ages 4 and under. There was a reading area set up like a living room, a kitchen, a garden, a block building area, career dress-up/puppet section with a working TV camera, and an art area. We spent most of our time in there. Amir and Yasina played very well with the other children. At one point Amir was pushing around a little toy grill with vegetables in it. A little boy came in and wanted the grill. He even fell out in the floor crying, but Amir continued to play with it until he was done. A few minutes later, I saw the little boy with the toy and his mother or grandmother said that Amir was so nice and let the little boy play with the toy only if he was willing to share. My sweet boy. I was happy that Amir was willing to share. I just didn't want the little to "take" the toy away from him. So good job, Amir. I'll post pictures later. I haven't upload them yet, I'm trying out a memory card.

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