Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sponge Art

Here's a couple pics from the children's art project on Friday. They were given paint, sponges, and large piece of butcher paper. The two of them spent about hour on their master piece. When asked what would they name the piece, the Princess said to name it after a principle of Islam and Amir said Hajj. How Interesting. My husband then gave a very insightful interpetation of the piece. He said the dark spot in the middle represented the Kabbah and we see all colors and shapes coming toward the center. (Or the very near center, I added that *smile*) Art time is really fun in our house. I like to do an art project every Friday, but I use art with all other subjects--coloring, forming numbers and letters out of different mediums such as cereal, flour, noodles.

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