Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our Day Trip to San Diego, CA

My ever spontaneous husband decided Tuesday to fly to San Diego on Wednesday and spend the day. Forget the children, I personally experienced so many firsts yesterday. First time in California, first time on a trolly, first time flying somewhere and back in the same day . . .on and on and on. These children are so blessed. They have seen and done so many positive things by the age of 4 than many people including myself have done in thier lifetime. They really enjoyed themselves. Amir loved the trolly ride. Yasina went wild in an old time candy shop. They were playing today and the topic was of course, San Diego. Yasina even made up a song about it. Oh another first, we got a veggie hot dog from "Hot Dog on a Stick." I thought the funny hats were just a joke. They couldn't pay me enough to wear that. Anyway, it was a wonderful idea and we had a great time.


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  2. So glad I stumbled on your page. Great pictures.

    P.S. We're homeschoolers too. Glad you all enjoyed your San Diego Trip!

  3. Hi Lakisa,

    I work with your husband Dewayne at US Airways/British Airways. I also have twins, so he wanted me to see the pictures of your children. They are all so beautiful! I really admire the fact that you are able to be a stay-at-home Mom and teach them yourself. That is something to be proud of! I know that Dewayne works very hard so that you can do that. He is a great part of our work group here, and you should be very proud of him. I also wanted to comment on this lovely webpage that you have constructed. You are so very creative, and it is a pleasure to view the pictures and see all the stories. Keep up the great work!! By the way, my twins are 15 year old boys that are also fraternal. They are certainly a pleasure every step of the way. Just enjoy every moment, because they grow up SO FAST!!! Take care, and keep this wonderful blog going! ; ) Jo-Ann

  4. Jo-Ann,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me. Yes,
    I am blessed to have such a hard working husband. Hey, you made it 15
    years with twins, now that's an accomplishment! *smile* Children are a
    gift from God and those of us blessed with them should always be
    thankful. I have to remind myself of that when they are getting on my nerves!
    Keep checking back and see what we're up to.

    Thanks Again,

  5. anintelligentmind,

    Thank you for your comments as well. Good to hear from a fellow homeschooler!