Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our New Science Endeavors

While talking about Amir, let me say his science interests have really blossomed over that past few weeks. We've went from space shuttles to robots to volcanoes to wanting a telescope to look at the sky. I'm really trying hard to keep up and provide information and projects as we go. The internet has been a wonderful resource. You never know what may become a life-long interest or even a career choice. I ask my children everyday what are their goals in life, what do they wish to master. I'm just trying to see what kind of answer I get. Amir pretty consistently says he wants to be a builder and I gave him the word engineer, so now he'll say engineer. My princess on the other hand is a different story. She's said a dance teacher like Ms. Kat (her dance instructor in SC). She's said an eye doctor (I like that one.), but lately everything has been food related specifically her favorite foods--- a pretzel lady like in the mall, baking cakes, recently she said a candy maker! My Yasina!

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