Friday, February 8, 2008

TV Tickets

I'm trying out a new idea to regulate the Master and Princess's media time. If I'm not paying attention, it really gets out of control. So I got the idea from another blogger to create TV/Internet tickets worth 30 min each. For every 30 min of tv or internet games (Mostly, they turn in one ticket. They begin each day with 4 tickets. So they are to have no more than 2 hours of media time, that's how much I believe they should have. We started on Monday and it has been going very well. They have learned if they watch shorter shows, those that only last 30 min vs 60 min, they can see many different shows. So they will pick a tape and I'll say that one is worth two tickets. Yasina actually said, "So, can we just watch half?" Sheer genuis!

They can also earn tickets for good behaviour.

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