Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aunt Tre-Tre Came to Visit

My friend of over 15 years and the children's beloved, Aunt Tre-Tre flew all the way out from South Carolina to visit us. We had such a good time. From the top of South Mountain to Trader Joe's and Ikea to Scottsdale's ritzy, glitzy Fashion District, I believe she got a pretty good overview of the city. We also checked out Tempe and Downtown Phoenix.

Unfortunely, who knew Easter was such a travel holiday. Poor Trina got stuck in AZ for an extra day. We were able to get her home via Tampa, FL. We enjoyed you Tre and hope you come back again soon.


  1. Hello, just found your blog by clicking next blog. YOur blog is interesting and has great photos. I am interested in others' adventures in homeschooling because I'm planning to do so in the future and just want to know how people fare with it. Thanks!

  2. No, thank you. Trust me homeschooling is a decision you will never regret. Just keep it simple and fun.