Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Field Trip to Daddy's Job

Monday, we visited one of Daddy's jobs (he's got 2! other than putting up with me which I think would qualify as a third!) at the airport. He works in cargo for a major airline. The Master saw an episode of Little Bill in which Bill got to go to work with his Daddy for the whole day. My son was able to narrate the entire show right down to what Little Bill ate in his brown bag lunch. Well, this isn't TV so we couldn't do the whole day, but the hour we were there sure did make Daddy proud. He was beaming as he explained his daily activities to the children. I was amazed as he made metaphors and similes to help the children relate his work to their work, play. It was a wonderful experience.
When I was growing up, I remember seeing my daddy get up and go to work everyday. No, I mean, everyday! My mama worked too, but as a Daddy's girl, I think this memory had a huge effect on my expections of a husband and his role as a breadwinner. I had a hardworking father, thus I chose a hardworking husband. Yet another testiment as to why girls need their fathers in their lives.
Ok, I'll step down from the soapbox and add a thanks to Debra for allowing us to come. And another thanks to the 2 Daddies in my life, my Daddy and my children's dad. Two beautiful examples of what Black men should be and the role they should command in our families.

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