Sunday, April 20, 2008

Need a Cheap and Easy Play Kitchen?

Does your child want a play kitchen, but you don't have the space or money? Grab an old box, a roll of butcher paper, scissors, tape, a marker, and there you go!


  1. That is so cute!! It would be good for baby-sitting too! I'm gonna try it.

    -Lizzi Wyatt

  2. Too cute!!
    (BTW-I did find a VERY cheap kitchen set at WallyWorld for less than $40 but they are ALWAYS out of it, I've tried to get one for someone else.)
    I still may use this idea to make a big kitchen sink.

  3. You know what!!!!!!???? You always come up with simple yet creative ways to do soooo many things. Why I can't come up with these kinds of things on my own is beyond me. I'll just say...I am thankful to Allah,for knowing you and so thankful that you're willing to share.Love Ya'll (country selves) LOL