Thursday, April 3, 2008

School's in Session

Greetings All,

The Muhammads have been hard at work! We've started a slightly revised home school schedule and some new curriculum products. We've been doing lots of fun projects for our aspiring doctor and engineer. I must say things are going beautifully. The twins are really catching on fast to the new material and are begging for more. Of course, we have our struggles, but as my husband says, "The lights are on!"

The Princess's strong point is reading. There is something so magical about hearing your baby read. I hate to get all sappy, but my heart just swells when I hear them read. Anywho, she's just flying though sight words and tackling word families with ease. We've begun using the Explode the Code workbooks. I must say I love them. I feel they are well thought out and effective. The children like them too. This is really their first exposure to workbook type work so I was little worried. I appreciate the black/white pages; less distracting. The children's goal is to read well enough to get their first Holy Quran.

The Master is doing well in reading also, but he loves math. All he talks about is Math-u-See and using the blocks. He's good at it too. So far we have covered counting (which was review), writing numbers 0-9, place value, and addition. I want them to get stronger in their "number sense" as in knowing which number is before or after, understanding grouping, and number patterns. So we'll keep hammering out addition as well as move on to subtraction. The children are also telling time to the hour and working on understanding money.

Penmanship has improved by leaps and bounds. We've started a copy notebook in which they are copying Quranic verses only a little at a time (like a line a week or 2 !). I just want to see improvement in the size and spacing of each letter.

In science, we are learning about simple machines like the inclined plane and lever as well as the human body. We use You Tube and lots of hands on projects. For geography, we are still in Australia. Amir actually recognized and named the famous Opera House in Sydney on a picture.

We've started learning 3 new vocabulary words per week with the Wordly Wise program and 3 Latin Roots every 2 weeks.

We are doing in-depth study of prayer and working on our Memorization Trees in Islamic Studies which always our first subject of the day.

Well, I told you we've been busy! It looks like a lot as I type it, but using the Charlotte Mason method of short classes (around 20 min), we only "school" for about 3 hours per day usually done by noon if we start on time. Our afternoons are spent relaxing, playing, outdoors, and having fun. I'll update you all again soon.

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