Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who's Got a Green Thumb?

We are trying our hand at container gardening here at the Muhammad home. The Master has been asking for a tomato plant for the longest, so of course we got an organic one. The Princess chose a yellow squash plant. Baby girl and I decide to do an indoor parsley plant. Daddy got to show off his farming skills; he helped the children transfer the plants into bigger pots. He showed them how much soil to put in and how to spread out the roots. They are really taking pride in watering their plants and moving them around for optimal sunlight. I'll keep you updated on our growth. Hopefully we'll have some yummy veggies to show!

Don't eat the dirt, Hassana!

1 comment:

  1. I have tried gardening about 3 years straight. I buy seeds, they bud, I don't tranfer them to pots...what's that about???

    I think I get stuck because of the organic thing. I haven't done enough homework to know where to get organic seeds and dirt and how to compost on a balcony garden.

    Great blog. Post some pictures as the plants grow!