Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco De Mayo and a Lesson in Gratitude

Considering that we pretty much live in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a big deal here in AZ. Our apt community had an event today, and I took the children. They had samples of different Mexican dishes and a milky, sweet drink that I can't remember the name, but it was good too. Well, to top everything off, there was a pinata for the children. The little ones got to take a shot at it first. The Master and Princess were the smallest things there and looked so cute swinging that big ole bat. There was a long line and toward the middle someone finally wacked it good, knocking the candy out. It looked like a hundred children drove to the ground. Most of the children were trying to get all the candy, stuffing it in their shirts and in cups. Some parents were helping by grabing handfuls for their children. As the dust cleared, I was worried, because I didn't see the twins immediately. I then saw two little smiling faces, walking hand in hand with one piece of candy each. You know I teared up right?

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