Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daddy's Latest Rehab Project

Oh, how I wish I'd taken pictures of this cute little child's size bench before my husband worked a miracle on it. I found it at a yard sale for a $1, and it looked it terrible. It was written on and dirty. Dewayne took it apart, remixed it, put it back together, sanded it down and painted it a yummy shade of pink to match the girls' room. All I have to say is, "Cute, Cute."

Hassana loves it. We designated it to her because my other two are a little too big for it. They thought it was for a baby anyway! I'm making it a sewing project to create a seat cushion and pillows.


  1. How cute! Oh, I haven't use EFTC but I have heard great reviews about it. We are using Rod and Staff. Your dh did a fantastic job!

  2. That pink IS yummy! I'm sure she'll keep that forever. Too cute!

  3. Thank you all. And Hubby says thanks as well.