Friday, May 16, 2008

Exploring the Montessori Way

Over the past two weeks I've been researching the Montessori Infant/Toddler program for Babygirl. I was amazed that there are so many things that I can do with her now. The sensitive periods for her are movement, language, and order. (Read more about that and Montessori in general here and here.) I've implemented a few things already, and Hassana has taken to it very well. I attempted to "prepare her environment" with "work/play" options as to provide some order. Ms. Montessori believed that children would be more interested in household items that they see you with everyday more than plastic toys. So we began with the Basket of Treasures which is filled with a few items for her to explore. I change them out each day. Her daddy and I observe that she figured out if she pulled real hard she could get the tops off pens and markers. (the little booger!) So I created an opening and closing exercise for her. She is also developing her pincer grip, so I dusted off the old knob puzzles. She will take out the pieces with the knob, then she mostly just eats them. lol As far as movement, I can't afford those big, colorful blocks things like these, but sofa cushions do the job. We've also implemented mirror and paper play. (looking into a child safe mirror and tearing up paper) I'll keep you updated on new activities in our Montessori-inspired tot school!

Oh yeah, I came across two wonderful blogs that I've gotten a lot of ideas from Montessori Free Fall and Chasing Cheerios.

the Prepared Environment
Movement Exercises

Working on a puzzle . . .say eiiighhhtt

her opening and closing work
Mirror play

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