Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day '08

What do you get when you have two children hard at work peeling and shredding carrots? A kitchen counter full of baking supplies and smoking hot navy beans?
Homemade, hand-written cards?
One Happy Carrot Cake, Bean Pie Eating Man!
Happy Daddy's Day! We love you so much. Thanks for being the Best Dad in the World! (Amir, Yasina, & Hassana said so!)


  1. Where did you get that grinder thingy? It looks antique (no offense meant).

  2. No offense taken. It probably is an antique. I got it from my husband's grandmother. It's called a foley strainer. It's wonderful for beans, becuase it separates the hull from the inside of the bean. Great tool if you can find one.