Monday, July 28, 2008

2008-2009 School Year Plans

*Warning* Super Long Curriculum/Planning Post Below!

Ok, after months of research, here's the plan for next year. I'm going to resist anymore tweaking, and God-forbid, adding to it. I truly believe I've come up with a challenging course of study for the Master and Princess. We'll be busy for sure. I'll post more on our yearly and daily schedule later.

Curriculum review sites
These are excellent for getting other educators' opinions.

This is a nice online organizer. I have not used it yet, but Kysha gave it rave reviews.

Here is a nice basic scope and sequence for K-3rd grade

Where I have and will buy from
(Christian Books' prices are usually better than Amazon!)

This is what we are doing next year by subject.

Quran/Islamic Studies
We will continue learning the Surah titles as well as 4 of the short surahs in their entirety. I want them to be able to complete salat, wadu to finish. We are also studying the Prophets of Gods while acting out the stories and narrating them as review. I’ve gathered a lot of coloring sheets and activity pages that I would like to make to bind and make a book out of them.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. We love Math-U-See. We'll be in Alpha.

Language Arts
Explode the Code phonics workbooks

Lots and Lots of Sight Word games including our Islamic sight words
I got a sight word bingo game at the teacher’s store in South Carolina. The twins love bingo!

I’m using Muhammad's Children First Grade Reader for activities. I bought this at a Saviours' Day a couple years ago. I also have a grammar textbook that I plan to pull lessons from. We’ll be covering the parts of speech, constructing sentences, and punctuation.
I’ve also created some file folder games and bought some word tiles and Mad Libs. I’m to incorporate some Montessori ideas as well to liven this up.

Natural Speller
We are only going to start with 4 words a week and take it very slowly.

Copywork from the Holy Quran and Bible

My plan looks just like hers. Science Scope is a good a resource to design your own scope and sequence.
Library, Library, Library!

Social Studies
The children already know the continents and major oceans. So they have chosen 10 countries to continue the Where in the World are the Muhammads? game. We’ll spend 3-4 weeks on each country.
Library, Library, Library!

Again, we’ll be covering the Prophets of Gods along with many parables and stories from the Holy Quran and Bible.

I found a cassette tape program that covers the basics in Goodwill. I’ll use a lot of the games we used last year but in Spanish like color and number bingo, Jump on the Number, and our fav, the Who Are You? Quiz. Candyland in Spanish should also be fun. After we have to basics covered, I’ll start sticking post-it notes all over the house to learn 5 nouns and 1 verb each week using our Spanish dictionary.
Another good tip is to watch those videos that name things, Baby Einstein DVDs for example, in Spanish using to Language option.

The following subjects will only be covered formally just twice per week:

My own activities using words from this site
Our goals is to learn 200 new words which is 5 new words a week. I plan to allow the children to take turns choosing a list each week just as a way to involve them. I’ll keep them posted somewhere at all times so we can work them into our everyday vocab. Vocabulary is important to me because a well developed command of words is the mark of a great leader. I want great leaders!

We will also be stepping up our literature selections. Charlotte Mason believed hearing well-written books are a wonderful way to grow a child’s vocabulary and grammar skills.

Latin/Greek Root Words
Our goal is to learn 40 prefixes /suffixes, one per week. I’m going to make a word wall from these and the vocabulary words that we can use to review.

Art/Music Appreciation
We’ll spend 3-4 weeks listening to the music and studying the art of one visual and one music artist.
The library and internet are my only resources for this.

I’m so excited! This is going to be so much fun! I really want to start now, but I better wait until after their birthday. Amir and Yasina love to learn and as long I keep it fun and as hands-on as possible, they’ll love it. If I find that it’s too much, we’ll just drop some things until next year, no big deal. I really want to see what they can do and don’t ever want to hold them back from what they are capable of achieving. So now I’m just waiting to put this plan into action . . . Of course I’ll keep you updated.


  1. As Salaam Alaikum,
    I love you blog. I have been on the hunt for African American homeschoolers that blog, so I was very happy to find you. I am homeschooling my oldest son who is 4. I love the plans you have for the year. You are giving me some ideas to use for my sons and motivation to blog. Keep up the great work.

    As Salaam Alaimkum

  2. Wa Laikum Salaam,

    Awwww! Beloved, I thank Allah for the opportunity to share. I'm so happy to enjoy the blog. Please keep reading and let me know when you start yours. May Allah bless you and your family.

    Your Sister