Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hassana, How Old Are You?

We're starting a new family tradition this year for birthdays. No more big parties, we are observing the actual day with a intimate at-home celebration. This is an attempt to make the day more meaningful and not just about a party and presents. I want my children to look back at their childhood and have such beautiful memories to pass on and share with their children. Cute, Cute!
She was kind of scared of the fire,
But was ready to dig into that cupcake.
Yum, Yum
As a part of our family tradition, we went through Hassana's birthbox. The birthbox is simply filled with items from those first few months of life . . . newborn size diapers, clothes, hospital bracelets and hats, pacis, and a birthday dated newspaper, etc. As they get older the more amazing and sentimental these items will become.

Well, I pray you had a wonderful day, Babygirl. We loooovvvveee you!


  1. Beautiful. This is how we celebrate as well, very intimate for all of our birthdays. I love the birthbox! Hassana will cherish that for years to come.

  2. Yes ma'am, thank you. We live and we learn. The whole "30 children at the birthday party" scene was killing me! I was like, ok, there has to be a better way!