Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday Excitement!

This year my Amir asked for a construction cake (He actually got a cookie.)and Princess for well, of course, a Princess cake. I planned to give them just that. Now I am none the baker nor cake decorator, so I when I finally finished them (at 4 am), I was so displeased with them. I thought they could have been so much better. (That Type A perfectionist rearing her ugly head!) So when I saw the reactions below, I quickly realized what it's all about. The children LOVED these cakes, imperfections and all. Funny, because it's the same way I love them. MY BABIES ARE 5!!!! Yes, he actually fell out!
Look at that smile!

Get out of the way!

Pretty, but not as pretty as my princess.


  1. Great job mommy! I have yet to do a REAL cake for my daughter. The best I've done were cupcakes last year (whispering..."from a box"). You did great and like you say, it's about the thought. Babies have no point of reference so to them, this is a masterpiece. I take my headpiece off to you for pulling off TWO CAKES! I've got one month until my baby's b-day and you have inspired me!

  2. Oh Thank you, ma'am. This was first year doing it myself as well. I'd do it again, I think!?
    Please post pictures of Babygirl's cake so I can see it. She'll be 4, right?