Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unplug Your Kids: Catch Up!

OMG, I'm so behind on our projects. These two ideas were taken shamelessly from the Unplug Your Kids blog. They were so cool, I had to try them.

Plastic--Shrinky Dinks
This was so fun! We took some #6 plastic (usually produce containers or you can buy it from the craft store), cut it up, and drew on it with a Sharpie. Then I put it in a oven at around 225 degrees for a hour or so. It probably doesn't take that long, but I forgot about them. And they shrank to about a 1/4 of thier size! How cool is that? The plastic we used was from a strawberry container.
I hole punched them beforehand and now they are on my keychain.

Stone--Hot Rocks
I heated some rocks we used to build pyramids a few months ago in the oven at 300 for about 30-40 mins. I warned the children repeatedly to not touch the rocks with thier hands. I touched them just to see how hot they were, The rocks were extremely warm, but would only burn if you actually held them in your hand. Anywho, in my opinion this would only be for the more mature crowd. Once the rock is hot, use crayons to "paint" on them. The heat just melts the wax.

The twins loved this. We've made more since these and will probably do it again.
I just need to think of something fun to do with the rocks now.

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