Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fit for the Princesses

I saw these cute knob hangers in Michael's the other day for $.50 and thought of this post. I can just see purses, hats, and feather boas hanging from them in the girls' room.

Cute, Cute

I picked up sailboats for the Master's room, but I need more paint so I'll post those later.


  1. I agree cute hangers! Perfect for a little girls room!:)

  2. Thanks, Tru. I thought they were a great deal

  3. thanx for stopping by my spot. i love michael's, we recently got quite a few of their little wooden figurines to paint for like $.25 ea. and wooden letters (his name) for $1 ea. and your babies are so beautiful, i just wanna tuck 'em in my pocket!

  4. LOL @ tuck'em in my pocket! Thanks, Brown Mama.