Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Report 2

Great Week! Here's the breakdown:

Quran/Islamic Studies
Continued Surah 103. Both have the first two verses memorize, we just need to work on the last and biggest one.

Finished discussing Adam and started discussing our first prophet, Enoch/Idris. There is not much written about Enoch, so we'll try to finish him and move on to Noah this week.


We got a baby intro to algebra with solving for the unknown. Both did great.

Amir continued to do well with copywork. My special attention with Yasina is paying off. We spent the whole week relearning, Aa. She can write the letter, but just does not pay much attention to the details, like not stopping at the top or bottom line. So staying on her is helping.

Phonics--Explode the Code
Amir finished short a and moved on to short i. Yasina started working on a new set of beginning blends. Amir's reading is picking up as well.

We covered plural nouns this week and happened to catch a wonderful espisode of WordWorld that was all about the powerful letter "s." The show sealed the deal for me! I gave them "s" cutouts to add on to nouns they wanted more of. (Yeah I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition in the grammer section. LOL)


This week's words were than, plan, man, am.

Circle Time

Greek root word was mega meaning big.

We covered grasslands this week after we finished deserts.

We're in India!


Continued Greetings, numbers, and began to review colors.

We also took a field trip this week to the AZ Science Center. The children had alot of fun. They had the coolest Forces of Nature exhibit. I'll post the pics later this week.

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