Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Report 3

We worked ourselves into a nice little gruve. I am so happy I did all that planning and organizing over the summer. It is so paying off!

Quran/Islamic Studies
Still working on reciting Surah 103. I give about one more week.
We finished talking about Enoch/Idris. The children found the name, Methuselah, just plain hilarious. Sometimes I say it just for the laughs. LOL We've begun discussing Noah. I've found this narrative beautiful in giving the children an example of what it means to trust and have faith in Allah (God)'s promises. Noah was truly a model of patience.

Amir is still doing well. We've been paying attention to the letter "s" lately. His look like 5s. I purchased Yasina a Kumon handwriting workbook for lowercases letters. We just started it, but she likes it. I do too. I've just been trying to get her to understand the difference between writing letters and drawing them. She has to learn to control the movements.

We worked on Making 10 using addition in Math U See. I also have to add we work on numercy skills each day as well; counting to 100 from memory, skip counting using our Number Snakes which is just a chain of Post-it notes, and greater than/less than.

I heart Explode the Code. I guess ya'll can tell when I use something, I really have to like it!
Amir is working on short a and short i review. Yasina is still doing beginning blends. Amir's reading is progressing. I almost want to say we've had a breakthrough, but don't stop praying! LOL

I've added 10 minutes a day practicing sight words with the Sight Word Buddy.

We finished Nouns this week, for now. We'll start verbs next week.

This week's word were black, at, bat, that. Each child got 100%.

We've left India. (post coming soon) Enroute to Russia!

Completed our study of grasslands. The polar regions are up next.

Circle Time
Vocab words are wiggle, remaining, signs, wing, remind.
Latin root sol-sun.

Our Spanish has been reduced to watching Dora which is actually very effective just not what I had in mind. We'll get this train back on track next week.

Fine Arts
Only one more week with Mr. Parks and Ms. Waters.

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