Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Artist Study: Mr. Gordon Parks

The life of Gordon Parks is a study in self-reliance and determination. Moreover, it has served as a blueprint for many people on how to overcome racial, social, and economic barriers within America. From a childhood characterized by poverty, Parks seemed to be following a typical downhill path by dropping out of high school at age sixteen after the death of his mother. However, Parks would have no part of failure; he fended for himself on the streets until he discovered something that ignited his passion. That something was a camera, and since 1937 Parks's talent as a photographer has allowed him to channel his abundant creative gifts and energy into creating a life that reads like a quintessential American success story. That Parks is also an African American makes his life story particularly inspiring to young men and women of color. In 1988, in recognition of his many achievements, President George Bush awarded the multitalented Parks the National Medal of Arts. (Source)

The children were Gordon Parks for a day and got to use the digital camera. Here's a sample of their pictures: Ms. Won, our community events organizer (Taken by Amir)
Amir killing an ice cream cone (Taken by Yasina)
Jimmy, the Twins' classmate in the preschool class I volunteer co-teach (Taken by Amir)
Dewayne and his BFF (Taken by Yasina)
Babygirl (Taken by Yasina)

And a library resource . . .

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