Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forest Biome

While our computer was down a couple weeks ago we completed our study of the forest biome. We had a good time of course. We covered both the rainforest and deciduous forest. When I introduced the topics, I asked the children to tell me what they knew about the forest. They just gave me a blank stare. Now we have talked about the forest before so I was really surprised by this. So I started describing a wooded area and the animals there. So after a while, Amir says, "Oh, you mean the woods!" Ha! Talk about a language barrier!

This project shows the layers of the rainforest, emergent layer, upper canopy, understory, the floor, and rivers/streams.

This represents the 4 seasons of the deciduous forest aka the woods.

We made a pinecone owl and parrot. I thought these were just super cute. The idea came from this blog.

Please excuse the shower cap. We were deep conditioning.

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