Thursday, December 4, 2008

Field Trip to the Phoenix Art Musuem

This one was my favorite.
The Princess looks so small!
I could have did this. LOL
Can you believe this is burnt wood suspended from the ceiling?
Amir thought this one looked like a rocket.
Blown glass pieces. Beautiful.
My Art Lovers . . .
Amir creating a masterpiece in the children's gallery.

Another one of my favs.
When we arrived, Amir and Yasina crashed a docent-led tour with a church youth group that was visiting as well. The guide's presentation was wonderful. She explained the artists' use of color and shape at the children's level so clearly. I learned alot myself. We stuck with the group for awhile and then just roomed around by ourselves. The museum is lovely and since it's free on Tuesday nights we will definitely be returning soon.

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