Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jumbo from Tanzania

Jumbo means Hello is Swahilli, the major language spoken in Tanzania. We had lots of fun with this study. The National Geographic dvd series Africa, taught us so much about this region, the animals, the geography, but most of all, the people. A large number of Tanzania's people are Muslim, so we could identify with the culture as far as dress, law, and structuring the day around prayer. We got to peek into the life of the country's more tribal communities as well, like the strong and proud Maasai warriors. Our paper mache, Mt. Kilaminjaro

The children creating Maasai ceremonial jewerly.

Modeling thier necklaces . . .Cute, Cute

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  1. Wow around the world in 30 days,
    I must say we have some little jet setters.

    I thank God who makes it possible!