Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isn't This a Homeschool Blog?

Of course it is! I just haven't been writing about it much lately. In spite of our recent travels, school has continue, and you know learning never stops. So here's the play by play of what we've been up to . . .

Quran/Islamic Studies
We're currently memorizing Surah 112. They recently succeeded in reciting the Success Prayer. Our study of the Prophets has continued with Jethro, Ezekiel, David, and Solomon. I've got to upload their renactment of David and Goliath. Too Funny.

Amir is still performing exceptionally in this area. I believe his handwriting will eventually be better than mine. Penmanship was never my thing. I've had to go back and reteach each letter with Yasina, my little leftie. I found the Kumon workbooks just didn't offer the amount of practice we needed. So we're just chugging along.

Explode the Code is still working well for us. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is going well also. We are into the 60s in our lessons. Progress is great. I could not be more thrilled. Reading really is a gateway skill. I'm even more excited that my children love books and love to read. I striving to keep that going.

Currently, we are reading Charlotte's Web aloud. They love it, and I think the goose is a mess!

We're still using Natural Speller. Only four words a week, I just want to introduce them to patterns found in words and usage of certain letters. The Explode the Code workbooks are also great for teaching spelling. We're still practicing with chocolate pudding. Yum!

You know, after I taught what a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb is, I really didn't know where to go next. I could have continue with the parts of speech, but it seemed a little disjointed to me. Like the children would think, why are we learning are these random terms. So I did some research and found a well-thought out program that I think will work for us, Growing with Grammer. I just received it today so I'll review once we get into it.

Still using Math-u-See. We've already completed Primer which is the introductory level. I've finally purchased the next level, Alpha. It's going great, but I had to make an executive decision. Math-u-See is a mastery style program, so the objective is for the child to know the subject well enought to teach it back to you in order to move on. Alpha focuses on memorizing addition and subtraction facts which I absolutely believe is important and vital in order to be successful in upper level math. The problem is I don't want to hold back my 5 year olds because they don't know the facts cold. I also don't want to kill their love for math by drilling them to death. Soooooo, I purchased the Beta level as well and we'll also be learning new concepts while working on our facts. Whew, there I got it out.

If you don't already know, making decisions about your children's education is tough. You just have to pray you're not ruining them for life. I really believe I'm doing the best thing for them here, I'll let you know how it's going.

This term has been devoted to earth science including the formation of the planet, rocks and minerals, landforms, conservation, and astronomy. I'll blog on this one in a few days.

I've posted on our study of Tanzania. We are currenting visiting Canada.

I've been using our Goodwill cassette tape curriculum find for this. Going good. The children love asking everyone, Como te llamos?

I've been pulling words from our current studies and that's been going well. I love it when they ask, Mom, what does that word mean?

Latin Roots
We learned aqua-, geo-, and currently vis-.

Fine Arts
Instead of studying 2 artists each month, we are now learning about one artist and one Black inventor. I found two artists to be a little overkill. You can see who's on deck over in the right-hand column.

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