Monday, February 9, 2009

Saviours' Day is Around the Corner . . .


Our annual convention and celebration is here. Well, it will be February 26 and culminate with a trip to Chicago that weekend. The Master and Princess are so stinkin' excited! We don't celebrate the mainstream holidays, so it's hard them to watch other children get tons of candy at Halloween, gifts at Christmas, Easter baskets, Valentines . . . So I try really hard to make a big, big deal for our holidays.
I was really inspired by the uber creative, fun ideas I saw for Advent calenders this year. So this year we are celebrating 19 Days to Saviours' Day! I've scheduled craft activities for each day leading up to the day we are set to depart for the Chi. I'll be posting daily with our activities, so stay tuned . . .

1 comment:

  1. This was right on time! I was going to ask you how you added this to your lessons.

    This is BG's first year to really "get it". She was all into Santa this year LOL! It seems like he was more places than usual this year!!!! He was stalking us ROFL.