Sunday, February 15, 2009

SD09 Countdown Day 8 ~Freezer Paper Stencil Totebag

I have dying to try freezer paper stenciling ever since I saw this wonderful tutorial. Now I'm hooked! It is so easy, and such a cute way dress-up plain items. You gotta try it! I started with freezer paper found in the foil/zip lock section, fabric paint, a stencil, and a couple tote bags I got from Michael's for $1. (Not pictured an iron, a X-Acto knife)
I ended up using a different stencil than the one pictured above. I was able to trace the stencil by putting the freezer paper right on top of it. I then cut it out with a X-Acto knife. I'm sure scissors would work as well.

The next step is iron the paper, shiny side down, to the fabric. I tried to make sure to iron down the detailed parts really good.

The twins painted in the stencil with fabric paint. I like the paint we used, but it did take 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted.

The finished product: Isn't it just darling?!

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