Friday, April 10, 2009

Week 27 in Review

Quran/ Islamic Studies
We are learning the first 4 lines of the Opening Prayer. Each day we read over prayers and scriptures we've already learned, Surahs 1, 103, and 112 and the Success Prayer.
In our study of Jesus, we focused on his ability to make others "Fishers of Men."

Both children copied lines from the Opening Prayer.

Yasina focused on vowel teams, ee, ea, ai, ay in Book 3 of Explode the Code.
Amir completed the Review lesson for Book 2. He'll take the Posttest on Monday.

This week we learned about predicates in Growing with Grammer 1. I'm really like GWG so far. The lessons are very simple and easy to follow. We do the exercises orally or on the white board.

We're up to 10 words a week now! This week we did "ar" words.

Facts, Facts, Facts, they're ruling our life! Memorizing addition facts is coming along. The main thing I've learned is that we have to do it,
From MUS Beta, we began inequalities. This was review for us since we spent a lot of time doing number sense work a few months ago.

For the next two terms, we are learning about the Animal Kingdom. We moved from mamals to fish this week. I got two videos from the library and discussed the characteristics of fish.

Our last week in Morocco! We painted a scene from a souk or marketplace. It came out so pretty I want to frame it. I'll post it later.

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