Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Blanket Fever

Ok, I've decided that my new universal baby shower gift will be a baby blanket crocheted with love. We're expecting 3 girls in the mosque and today I completed all of those blankets. I'm just going to keep working and create a little stockpile. Trina suggested that I create a signature wrap for my blankets. I'm still working on that.
I've dubbed the black and white blankie, the Sick and Shut In blanket. Basically because I plan to give it to the next person whose well, sick and shut in. lol. Since this picture, I've added a pop of cranberry red to it. Cuuuute!


  1. Cute blankets. Do you use special yarn (cotton, baby, etc) or "regular" yarn? I tried a baby yarn blanket and it was so tough to keep a consistent stitch for me. It's sitting in a bag in my closet from 2001...

  2. I use just regular old Red Heart from Wal-mart. As much as babies have "accidents," I not going to invest to much money in yarn.