Monday, February 8, 2010

Countdown Day 3~Making Candles

We got our candle stuff from Michael's. The containers came from Dollar Tree.
Yasina pouring the wax. The children also glued the wicks to bottom of the star-shaped containers. Yasina grated up the scented wax we added to the regular stuff so our candles would smell good.
We only had enough wax to complete one candle. In this picture, it still was not set. I'll have a final picture tomorrow when we do part two of this project.


  1. I have always wanted to do this. Was it harder/easier than you thought?

  2. Try it!

    It was so easy. I bought the microwavable chips and just nuked them for like 2 minutes. The wax wasn't hot enough to burn so the children could handle it and pour it into the containers. I was thinking dang is that all. You can also buy an assortment of scents to add to the chips.

  3. That's it? Wow that sounds so easy. That was my other question was it easy for the kids to manage? We are going to try this.