Thursday, February 11, 2010

Countdown Day 5 ~ Cake Lollipops

If you have never had the joy of spending time with the Bakerella blog. Do yourself a favor and slide on over there. Her creations are sooo cute, fun and I just know they taste good. So for Day 5, we tried to make her famous cake pops.

We started with the fabulous Paula Deen's red velvet cake recipe. I didn't have enough food coloring, so ours was more of a mauve than red. After you bake the cake, which the children helped to prepare, allow it to cool. Crumple the cake into a bowl and blend in 8 oz of soften cream cheese.Sina and Sana shaped the cake in balls. We covered the cake balls with white candy melts.
Add a lollipop stick, let the candy set, and eat up.

On the second batch I allowed the cake and cheese blend to sit in the fridge for a while. The cake was much easier to work with so I would recommend that. The children were just so anxious, I couldn't stop them. You could also do these without the sticks of course. Or maybe even cool them after you've rolled the balls. Oh did I mention, these things are good!

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