Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crochet Update!

Baby Blankets Ready for Giving

The Gingerbread Blanket. I finished it and it's all mine!

I'm still crocheting my little heart out over here. I even crocheted on the plane to Chicago last week. My children looked like they were embarrassed. Amir said, "You brought that on here?" Ha! Of all the things to be embarrassed about, crocheting, really? Since I've made one for the whole family, I only give them away now. I make baby blankets for expectant mothers and sick and shut in blankets for those who are well, sick and shut in. The sick and shut ins make me most happy. Most of the time, the person receiving it is not expecting it at all, so they just soooo grateful. It's better to give than to receive is more than just a cliche.

While writing this I thought of one lovely reader whom I know is expecting, Darcel, over at The Mahogany Way. I'd love to make you a blanket.
Send your address at


  1. ooh, that's a good idea. I'll have to send her a pair of baby shoes too. Oh and her kids are penpals with mine too!

  2. Look at you two, over here talking about me! LOL

    I can not wait to get our baby blanket. I am loving that pink/brown/white one you've done.

  3. @Darcel, Yes, we are talking about you!

    @Adrienne I love your baby shoes, I know Darcel will too. We'll putting something in the mail for you all tomorrow.