Sunday, March 14, 2010

Montessori Monday: Learning to Read!

Hassana and I are learning letter sounds and early literacy skills. She loves books and can "read" to you all afternoon. So since nothing else seems to challenge this child, I decided to start working on the universal gateway skill, reading. She enjoys it and asks for her "work" everyday. Here's what we're using right now . . .I'm a Leapfrog fan! The Letter Factory video taught Amir and Yasina all their sounds.
3 part puzzles--We go over the sounds, she mimics me as I blend them together and say them fast to make a word.
2 piece letter puzzles--Reinforces each sound

More 3 part puzzles--These are her favorite.


  1. those puzzles are great. Where's you find them? I think Bijou would love those. She's a big fan of Starfall right now.

  2. Love the puzzles!

  3. Thanks ladies. I got the 3 part cards puzzles from Wal-mart. The cardboard 3 parts came from a local teacher supply store. The letter puzzles were a gift. You can try Lakeshore Learning online or if you have a store in your area.