Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reflections from Saviours' Day 2010 Countdown and Weekend

This time of year is always a time of reflection and self evaluation for me. I strive to take a deeper look at my life, my relationships, in what direction I'm going, what can I improve upon, and how can I better myself. In a sense, it's like my new year begins at the end of February. This year, I can say that, while the room for improvement is always the biggest room in the house, I like the path I'm on. My husband and I have always put a strong focus on our children and family life and it's paying off. The children's love for our way of life is evident and that makes the choice to continue homeschooling very easy. Last year, I decided to look inside myself and find my true passion and I did, Birth! I'm now 2 classes and 50 more test questions away from receiving my childbirth education certification. During his Saviours' Day address, Minister Farrakhan charged those listening to get in the community and help those who need it. So the next step is to take that knowledge and begin to educate as many women and men possible in effort to reverse the staggering statistics that plague our communities. The same goes for homeschooling. The public schools are failing, and many parents are looking for an alternative. Homeschooling is the solution! A lot of times, people just need an example. While, we are far from perfect, my family can say that it's working for us. This blog will serve as my main outreach and I plan to start promoting it more.

Our 19 Day Countdown this year was awesome! Last year I said I would do a better job at spacing out the more involved, intense activities. I did that and it made it so much better. . . on me! I found a way to involve Hassana in every activity which was exciting. For next year, I must consider Amir more. Some activities he wouldn't do, saying they were too girly. How dare he! So next year, Mama has got to do some research and come up with some "boy" crafts. I've already wrote down wood burning and leather etching. I don't think it gets anymore "man" than that! So look for the 19 Days to Saviours' Day Countdown to return. I've brainstorming celebration ideas for Ramadan as well. More on that later . . .


  1. Glad you made it home safely from SD2010!!! Love the pics you shared on Facebook. I was so glad to see your blog featured on the cover of a pamphlet. Please share what that was about, were you a workshop presenter? Email me or Facebook me if you didn't want to do a post about it. Keep sharing your journey sis, I really am inspired by it!

  2. Will you be hiring when you start your own company?

    I'd like to work with you!