Thursday, April 1, 2010

Science Blast 2010 Wrap-up

The Science Blast was an outstanding success! The children had a ball. We began by dissecting cows's eyes that I purchased from Home Science Tools which is considered a high school level lab. I used the guide that came with the kit to help the children along. They worked in groups of about 2 or 3. Next, we created our own veggie pizzas. Then made ice cream in a bag. This was a big hit. They keep asking, "Is it ready?, is it ready?". I would tell them, "No, keep shaking." The children then made ice cream sundaes with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. The smoking punch was fascinating. I added dry ice to fruit juice and foamed wonderfully. Last on the agenda was the rocket launch. After a brief lesson in the laws of motion, we all went outside. Everyone was waiting with baited breath to see our little rocket go, go, go. It didn't go. My husband and I followed the directions perfectly, it just would not work. We tried and tried to no avail. So I sat all the children down outside and explained them there would be no rocket blast today. They of course understood. Children are so forgiving. We went around the circle and everyone commented on their favorite part of the party. Each child left with a certificate of participation and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. Watch out for Science Blast 2011! I'm already collecting ideas.