Monday, June 14, 2010

Copywork Lives On

Right after Islamic Studies, the muscle memory in my children's feet take them to the kitchen table. It's time for copywork. A tenet of the Charlotte Mason method, copywork has been faced with a gamut of emotions over the past couple of years from all smiles to tears. I've been consistent and it's paying off. Remember Yasina, my leftie, her English handwriting used to look like Arabic sometimes! My poor child, we found out that she was truly a leftie kinda late in the game. Well, she's made a full recovery. Amir has always had a neat, controlled penmanship, and copywork has just helped to refine and enhance his fine motor skills. I've also been able to introduce punctuation, grammar, and proper spacing into our daily practice. Copywork in our house serves as a reinforcement of memorywork--so we copy the Surahs or Lessons that we are memorizing.


  1. Ashni is a leftie too! When she's focused her handwriting is incredibly neat. Her biggest issue is writing number facing the right way. Some numbers just look downright wrong when she tries to write them the right way, lol.

  2. I'm a lefty too! I am going to ask my mom if it presented any challenges. Question: While copying do they trace your letters or write on their own?

  3. All these lefties, who knew! @Adrienne, Yasina is the same way, when she focuses she does great. @Sis P, They write their own letters on the line under mine.