Friday, July 9, 2010

Beating the Heat!


  1. We look like raisins about now. WE LOVE THE POOL! This is the first year I bought a pool pass that gets into the public pools and waterparks for the season. It's been well worth it! Have you looked into Muslim swim suits? Over $100 bucks! I may try to make one...*hmmmmmm*....

  2. I have seen some on the 'net, but never really priced them. $100, for real?!

  3. This is excellent Sis! This reminds me when I was in boot camp (Marine Corp) many of the black (they called us dark green not black. lol) recruits couldn't swim. Fortunately, I could swim because my parent expose me early just like what you are doing.

    Ps, I see the squid trying to show them the ropes. lmao!