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19 Days of Saviours' Day Countdown 2011

Saviours’ Day is around the corner and I want to celebrate! SD 2011 is upon us and for the 3rd year my family will prepare for OUR Holy-day with the 19 Days to Saviours’ Day Countdown. I’ve found it beneficial to begin planning and involving the children in idea gathering during this month, because it provides a great distraction from that which we do not participate! Well, our list of activities is provided below. Check out the blog under the Saviours’ Day or Islamic studies tab for info on some of the individual activities. Feel free to contact me if you need more of an explanation, etc.

Happy Saviours’ Day!

Last Year’s Explanation  . . .
Want a way to get your child actively engaged in the celebration of Saviours’ Day? Incorporate the 19 Days of Saviours’ Day Countdown into your home this year. You and your children will participate in fun, hands-on activities for 19 days proceeding the Saviours’ Day weekend. Young and old alike are encouraged to make, create, and think all while celebrating the majesty of Almighty God, Allah. Inspired by the Christian Advent Calendar, the 19 day countdown will have your children excited and prouder than ever to celebrate our Nation’s holiday.
Last year I purchased a traditional wooden Advent calendar from Target. I painted and renumbered the doors 1-19.  (My blog has pictures.) Over the past few months, I also made a fabric, pendant-style banner that reads, “Happy Saviours’ Day” to hang in the house. For all the activities that lend themselves, I incorporate the colors of our National, star and crescent shapes, and discussions from our Teachings. While making cookies, cupcakes, or candies from scratch, I always remind them that homemade is better than storebrought.  (How to Eat to Live) I also strive to inspire a love for nature and all of Allah’s creations. Overall, I attempt to let their creative minds shine through.
  Below I have listed the crafts and activities my children and I will attempt this year. Feel free to mix and match to suit your own ideas, needs, and schedules.  I tried to provide a link for projects so you can “see” what I mean.  Also I blogged daily about our 19 day adventure last year, so check out my blog for more project ideas under the label/connection, “Islamic Studies.” Our countdown will begin Sunday, February 6 and conclude Thursday, February 24 as we plan to begin our travel to Chicago Friday, February 25. Please feel free to email me with any questions,  This is a link to my blog,
So use what works for you and leave what doesn’t, but most of all have fun in the name of Master Fard Muhammad, his Christ, and his Messenger among us!

What is fun? Fun is us watching intelligence develop. Fun is feeding intelligence to create the creative mind that the child will be able to say like God, “Be” and it is. That’s fun!
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Closing the Gap p 374

Day 1            February 6  Field Trip to a Local Farm
Day 2           February 7  Record a SD commercial
Day 3           February 8  Create a SD game
Day 4           February 9  Create a Family Memory Board for SD keepsakes
Day 5           February 10 Bake Cupcakes—Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing
Day 6           February 11  Make SD gifts for friends
Day 7           February 12 Build a model of Mosque Maryam from Boxes
Day 8           February 13 Compose a SD song
Day 9           February 14 Make Homemade Soap—Godliness is next to Cleanliness!
Day 10         February 15 Make picture puzzles of Master Fard Muhammad, Most          Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Day 11          February 16 Make Fleece Scarves for the Chi-town Cold
Day 12         February 17 Bake National Flag Cookes
Day 13         February 18 Freezer Paper Stencil T-shirts with a NOI theme
Day 14         February 19 Field Trip—Hiking in the Mountains
Day 15         February 20 Wood Burning Activity—The Name Allah in Arabic
Day 16         February 21 Make a set of refrigerator magnets using the National
Day 17         February 22 Record a SD TV Show
Day 18         February 23 Make leather bracelets---Etch the Child’s Name_SD 2011
Day 19         February 24 Write and Illustrate a SD Story

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