Friday, February 20, 2015

Homeschool Fun--The Lesson in Pets

Let me introduce the readership to our bunnies, Scarlett Daisy Hart (left) and Jolene Dixie Hart (right). We've had them for over a year now, and while I was not enthused about the idea in the beginning in hindsight the lessons my children have learned from caring for these two sweet creatures has been invaluable.

They've learned that all of Allah's creations are special.
As a child, we had pets. Our pets are always keep outside, there was very little interaction with them except to throw them so food. Honestly, I remember being afraid of every animal we had. This relationship is sharp contrast between the way my children view pets. The buns are loved and cared for in a very different. 

Bunnies are mammals too.
My children did weeks of research before we purchased our bunnies. They learned their anatomy, desired living conditions, dietary needs, and the best way to play and stimulate them. Before I knew it their conversations where nothing short of a rabbit care manual! They learned so much, and it all was useful.

Pets are responsiblity.
We've found our bunny babies to be pure work. Feeding and cleaning are the two biggest jobs. We're had to be creative with their living environment finally settling on two big dog kennels affectionately known as the condos. Sharing the responsibilities among the three of them has taught them a lot about working together and collective efforts.

Overall our experience loving and caring for Scarlett and Jolene has brought about a maturity and strengthening of faith. And they're pretty cuddling too!


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