Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Art Idea

A couple months ago, I found a wonderful idea for creating some family art. Using the dough recipe below (It took two batches for the 5 of us.), we made a handprint mold for each family member. Then we let them dry, this about 2 days and I set them outside for awhile. Once dry we all set down at the kitchen table and painted our own handprint. I had to help out the Princess. Dewayne commented that hers looked like throw-up. LOL Daddys can be so cruel, but he did say it in the most loving way. Still LOL. As you can see, I think the finished product came out quite nice. I hung them in our kitchen over the stove where I spend a lot of time. They are a nice little reminder of why I do what I do and makes me want to do it with even more love. It is so wonderful to be apart of a family.
Dough Recipe
3 cups flour
1 cup salt
3 tbs oil
1 cup of water (Add food coloring or tempera paint if you wish)
Mix all the ingredients together and knead well

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