Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Conto Seeco

Yeah, I know what in the world is Conto Seeco? Or better yet, who is Conto Seeco? Well, Conto Seeco is my children's imaginary friend. I just meet him the other day, and he is quite an interesting character. Obviously, he loves the computer as I had to ask him to excuse me so I could use it the other day. He also likes to play with trucks and dolls, and he is now joining us for Learning Time in which he answers questions. If you haven't fallen out of your chair laughing yet, let me do it for you. I still haven't gotten a straight answer as to where the name, Conto Seeco, came from. I think it may even be a real word, or words, in Spanish or Italian.
Everything I've read about children and imaginary friends says that it is just harmless play. It did surprise me that the two of them have the same friend or that they would even need an imaginary friends because they have each other. I had 3 play-play friends when I was little, BooBoo, PeePee, and Tony (Don't ask about the names!), but I was the only little child in my house for a while. I'm just going to let it play out and see how far they go with this. But if Conto Seeco starts tearing up stuff, he got to go!

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