Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Homeschool!

Let me start by saying my older children, "the twins" and I are doing preschool at home. I utilize many Charlotte Mason ideals, but I pull from a lot of sources. My approach is eccletic and hands-on. I love making my own teaching materials and thrive on a shoestring budget. I know I could buy a lot of the items we use, but my philosihy is why, when I can make it for a fraction of the cost.

I post more of our daily schedules and weekly activities later.

We came up with a really fun game yesterday to practice matching Uppercase/lowercase letters. I wrote the alphabet (Capital and small letters) on post it notes. I lined up the Uppercase letters on one side of the floor and scamble the lowercase letters on the other side. I told the children that baby letters were lost and the object of the game is to return the babies to their parents, the Uppercase or Capital letters. I found that there was only a couple that they were confused about, f and l. So now when can spend a little time on those and move on. It was fun way to test them without having to drill them which is boring for me too. Simple concept and post it are so cheap.

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