Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keeping up with the Muhammads

Well Family and Friends,

I am so tired. It's not a complaint, more like a statement. I am currentlly in the process of a total revamp of our current curriculum.

We are reading now and it's coming along well. The twins are reading more and more words everyday. Next we will dive into the parts of speech and sentence building. I'm thinking about the Explode the Code workbook series. I have a couple phonics books already, so I'll exhaust those first.

In math, we just began using the Math-u-See program. I love this program so far, because I feel it providing a solid foundation for the higher levels of math. While tutoring I learned that many children have holes or gaps in thier math training such as never mastering multiplication facts or not having a proper understanding of place value. This would make Algebra or Calculus extremely difficult to grasp. Math-u-see also teaching to all 3 learning styles with its "Build-it, Write-it, Say it approach. Special math topics include money, time, measurement, 3-D shapes, patterns, and more,

Handwriting is coming along as well. To improve it, the children will start a copywork notebook. This is from the Charlotte Mason school of thought. I wish to start with Quranic and Bible verses and link it into our Islamic studies. I also love the idea of lapbooks, so we'll probably do one as well.

For science, we will continue our nature walks and topic of the week (which ends up lasting a month, but that's ok) study. I also found a book I brought eons ago that teaches you how to make electronic gadgets such as light-up jewelry and a buzzer game. I feel that will be taking it up a notch. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Social Studies/Geography will continue in the form of the "Where in the world are the Muhammads?" game. Amir and Yasina chose a place and we study it for a while. I do plan to add on history in the form of an oversized timeline with lots of pictures.

If you (as a parent/homeschooler) have never tried the Signing Time video seiries. They are wonderful for teaching sign language.

I just found about Hooked on Spanish, which is from the makers of Hooked of Phonics. I may give it a try. Then again Spanish is a really easy language to learn, why try a more difficult one first like Mandrian Chinese? Thinking, thinking, thinking . . .

There's more, but I must get back to work. I'll post pictures later. Love you all.

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