Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Interview with the Master

Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Foods Pineapples, brownies, cereal, bannanas, kiwi fruit
Favorite Letter A, M, I, R, Muhammad
Favorite Shape Circle, heart, diamond, square
Favorite Subject Math, Subtraction
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with garbage trucks, shovels, dirt, fire trucks, any trucks,
and airplanes
Hobbies Making words
Career Goal Engineer
Favorite Person Daddy

My thoughts on Amir
My son is caring and thoughtful not to mention smart and very determined. He always picks me flowers from the nearest bush when we are out and about. When Mommy dresses up, he is first to tell me how pretty I look. He once told me that when he becomes a "big man" he will buy his mommy a house and a car! What a sweet and special little boy. We love him dearly.

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