Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Planet Earth

We just finished Term 2, and for science, we studied the third rock from the sun. This study was largely hands-on, just like we like it. Did you know the cross-section of a hard boiled egg provides a great visual for teaching the layers of the earth. We sorted our rock collection into the 3 types of rock. I found a great poster at Lakeshore Learning to help explain the many different landforms. With Daddy's help we busted open a geode. Ours didn't have the pretty colorful crystals we expected, but it was fun nonetheless.

Of course, we used lots of library books and dvds. I was pleased with this study, and the children and I learned so much. Next we will be exploring the Animal Kingdom.


  1. Your homeschool looks so fun!

  2. Thank you. I try really hard to make it so they enjoy it. I really enjoy reading the fun and educational things you do with yours as well.