Thursday, March 5, 2009

SD2009 Countdown Wrap-up

I am so glad we did this! This year was our best Saviours' Day ever, and I know it's because the children were so involved and excited. The first thing they would ask every morning was, "What is the activity today?" I would tell them, and no matter what it was, they would jump up and down and scream. When we finally got to 19, they went crazy! This was also the day we packed and done our last minute errands, so the excitement was off the charts. Allah willing, we will be doing this next year, so I've already started looking for new ideas. I want to keep it fresh, and the twins will be older next year, so we can do some more challenging things. Plus I'll have to include Babygirl more. She'll be 2 1/2! I hope you've enjoyed celebrating our holy-day or holiday with us. Until 2010. . .

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