Friday, June 12, 2009

Animals, Animals, Everywhere!

The Co-op Crew recently got to see some pretty cool animals at the library. I won't even go into how the zoologist faked me out with a "stick" bug, but enjoy the pics below. A bearded dragon up close and personal.
Hassana looking at a tatantula.

Some type of ferret that everyone got to pet including Babygirl.

Amir petting the ferret.

Here's our crew (minus the baby and the moms).
The very next day we were back at the library for more animals. This time Amir and Yasina touched a ginormously long and fat python and a cute tortoise who had been found injured and had a tricycle wheel for a leg. He was so cute. Fun times.


  1. How cool to see animals like that up close and personal.

  2. What can I say, they're fearless. Mommy on the other hand . . .