Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Countdown Day 10 ~ Family Talent Night

This was soooo fun! Everybody enjoyed a little bit of the spotlight by putting one of their talents on display. I have to admit, this was challenging for me. I have no "outward" talents! If I could organize a closet or something, I would be in my element, but singing and dancing, oh my. I ended up singing the MGT song. I'll do that for my family, they love me so they'll clap for me anyway. LOL.Hassana sang Halo by Beyonce and recited the half of Al Fatiha she knows. Don't you love her microphone?
Tariq drilled and did an interpretive dance. LOL
Amir delivered a mini lecture from Surah 5 verse 74.
Yasina danced and lectured as well.

Great Job, Muhammads!


  1. I have no performance talent either. I always say I'd trade my art to be able to sing in a heartbeat, lol. I love the tshirts (I'm a big fan of freezer paper stencils).

    oh, and my husband's name is Taariq too. HA!

  2. I've given you a blog award! Stop by my blog to check it out! (that sounds like some kind of spam-type thing now that I've typed it)


  3. Awww, thank you so much, Adrienne. I'll check it out.