Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homeschool Storage, How do you do it?!

I really pride myself in being an organized person, but managing homeschool materials has posed my greatest challenge. What do you with all the stuff? First we have school at the kitchen table, I don't have a classroom nor do I really want one. So I have bookcases throughout the house holding reference books, a large storage cabinet in my son's room that contains Montessori, other preschool items, and art supplies, and lastly the kitchen island cabinets basically hide the rest of it. The top on the island use to house our materials that I know we would use everyday. My logic was I would just keep them out and readily available all week then put them away on the weekends. I didn't anticipate how badly looking at all that stuff all day would get on my nerves! It was driving me crazy. Imagine having to push a math worksheets out of the way to chop tomatoes!

My prayers were answered when I came across the Free.99 beauty above. Thank you, Lord! I cleaned her up and covered the glass panes by taping scrapbook paper to the inside. My island is clear and my sanity is restored.


  1. I agree organizing home school supplies can be challenging. I keep most of my supplies in the basement. I use many portable file folder containers and rotate them.

  2. It can be pickle to figure it all out. I have very limited space, so I have to picky about what I keep.